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Originally Posted by BD-Shardul
এই সুতা হল সতীনের কাছে দুঃখের কাহিনী বলার মত।

A few days ago, our state minister for land was reprimanding ভুমি-দস্যু। Some of them were present in the function and one of the doshshu intervened the minister's speech and said, "Just today morning my son talked with Sheikh Hasina." So, there you go, the PM needs the money of the looters to remain on the chair, her state minister is clueless and can't carry out his duty because he cannot give her the money those looters can give.
These are not verified news or anything other than gossip, land looters son talked with Hasina doesnt mean she is taking money from them. State minister seems to be trying hard with RAJUK too, you can read in today's Ittefaq.
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