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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Bhejal lagai disey!! load shedding'er ar deksen ki Javed bhaia, shobey tho February Maash. July-August'a bhujben "thela'r nam baba'ji".
Yes, 12 hours per day basis.
﴾اَلَاۤ اِنَّ اَوۡلِيَآءَ اللّٰهِ لَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُوۡنَ ۖ ۚ‏ ﴿۶۲
"Listen, the friends of Allah shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve" (Yunus: 62)
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