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Originally Posted by Raynman
I am going to take this incident as a show of respect by the Kiwis to our abilities and acknowledgement from their end of Shakib and Mahmadullah as very capable players on the big stage.

The fault really lies with the umpire for being so certain and for Shakib who obviously had a brain fart with the shot and the dismissal following the cramp on his arm.

True NZ (esp. McC) could have been more sportsmanlike but that is what it is. At least now we know that they feel they need to resort to win at any cost against us. Rashid Latif announced BD's arrival a few years ago but it was us who failed to live up to it.

Unless BD shows courtesy by being sportsmanlike in a tough situation similar to this, I'm keeping away from this topic.
What Raynman said.
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