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Having heard his commentary for almost two decades, he's actually gotten better and has his funny moments (how can you not after two decades?) I don't think he is an embarrassment out there, and he holds his own with knowledge of the game. He's just not always the first to make a point.

There are probably lots of people on this board who should consider cricket commentary! As an aside I did a few soccer commentary on my college TV network in the US for big games ...much much harder than writing up the game for the paper afterwards!

As another aside, during the India series, Atahar could be seen giving interviews at halftime while on the air. Sometimes before they got started you'd hear him, Sunny G, etc make comments on sound, mikes, etc, for some reason they never figured out they were on the air. So during the last test did anyone else hear the comments Atahar made about Shamim going to NZ - that Shamim was offering to pay for the flight if the network would use him as the commentator. Thought that was odd, and not sure what it meant.. but it made Shamim sound a bit desperate. Anyway, where's Atahar during this tour - I thought he was there in the T20 and ODIs?
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