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Here is why Shamim stupid should be removed:

1. No cricket sense, when Imrul Kayes was out, he was saying it is a school boyish..but the stupid should know Imrul Kayes is a new guy, he just mis-judged one ball due to inexperience, he didn't throw his wicket

2. When Shaqib was hitting fours, the stupid was saying that in test cricket, you should score with single but not with 4. In fact, he was saying opposite. In test cricket, you should wait for bad ball and hit 4. In ODI, you need to know how to rotate strike with single

3. When MahmudUllah and Shaqib was hitting, the stupid didn't have any idea that they were playing calculative hitting. EVen Shakib covered the complete 2nd innings Mushfiq from Vettori since Mushfiq was not able to play Vettori. The stupid didn't notice that and he was a complete prasie of Mushfiq compared to Shakib and Riyad. The stpuid was finding Shakib/Riyad hitting same as AFtab/Ashraful

4. Every now and then he was asking BD player to learn from NZ, in fact, people should have slight self-respect

5. When MahmudUllah first came, his comment as if he doesn't know the chap, He was saying quite opposite to NZ commentator, I w'd say he should learn from NZ commentators

6. In 3rd ODI, when Nayeem came, he was introducing him to the commentators that he's known as 'chakka nayeem' with big proud smile when Nayeem was not able to hit in 2 previous ODI and T-20. Even NZ hitting was way better than our 'chakka nayyem. This guy has such a poor common sense..
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