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Originally Posted by godzilla
what the h*ll is this? First Bash ashraful, then bash ICL players and now we are beind Shamim C. a** as well ... do you guys even like anything we have in our small country? We are like some drama queen's, everything has an issue or we make it into some sorte of an issue ...

to the person who even opened this thread --> do you want to take his job and do you have a better accent and better knowledge about cricket then Mr. Shamim? Why don't you send your cv to BCB and let's see how much of a chance you have on getting hired
if i become commentator, i may start fight in the box (assuming they will bash my country and players). so of course, it is recommended that BCB does not accept my CV or else something bad may happen.

some people have asked me why do i hate shamim chowdhury (since i am the thread starter). here are the reasons:

1. lack of knowledge: this guy was never a cricket player i believe, so of course he has lack of knowledge in the field. for example, during the zimbabwe tour he was asked by a zimbabwe commentator about a cricket related question. this guy failed to answer that simple question, that incident was enough for me to understand this guy does not understand cricket.

2. oiling other players: he does it more than athar ali khan. athar ali khan is an honest man, shamim is a bojjat faggot.

3. horny: he gets horny when he sees ladies in the stadium (as some other members have mentioned).

we need an aggressive commentator who has played cricket in the past and who understands bangladesh cricket very well. we do not need a douchebag like shamim chowdhury, i believe there are better people for the job.

people that like shamim chowdhury are examples of EPIC LOSERS.
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