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Smile Fans views wanted for BBC!


I am a journalist writing for the BBC Sport website and am doing a piece looking at Bangladesh's 10 years as a Test nation.

As you people are the genuine fans of Bangladesh cricket I would love to know how you assess the Tigers' achievements in Test cricket.

What does the future hold? Who are the future stars and what makes them so good?

I assume cricket remains the most popular sport in the country. Are facilities at the clubs good? Are youngsters from all backgrounds encouraged to play the game? How much funding is there to enable the most talented young players to reach the top?

Is enough being done, whether by the BCB, the ICC or anyone else to invest in the future of Bangladesh cricket.

I really hope one or two will take the time to send me some replies! If you can tell me your full name, age, occupation, and city of residence then I will include your comments on my blog
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