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Originally Posted by Beamer
200 is such a milestone that its hard to compare! Anwar was a great one day player. But, Sachin doing what he did at this age, against that SA attack, and for that magical 200 number alone, I have to put this ahead of any innings.

My fav ODI innings : 185 IVA Richards in '87 WC. Remember that he didn't open. Also, the PP's, field restrictions were not there.
You mean 181 against Asantha demel and co. That was such a rubbish bowling attack.
I think you are talking about his 189 against England. Not that was a good bowling attack. But that was a better innings than his 181. There are so many good innings better than that 181. I would rate Kapil dev's 175 much better than either of Viv's innings because it came when India was 17 for 5.
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