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Originally Posted by smashyboy
What are you yapping about man. He had a dropped chance. He had a by runner for 75% of his innings. This is a much superior bowling attack.
No need to get worked up dude. I was stating my opinion on this. Heat is a huge factor however. Back in 1998, India played Kenya in Gwalior during peak summer. India ended up losing the game.

Yeah Anwar took a runner(not 75% as you state). But come on, it was one of the hottest days on a very humid condition as well. It was played in peak Chennai summer. It is bloody killing. And it was a India Pakistan contest and Independence cup that. I don't think this is a much better bowling attack. Barring Steyn, the attack is actually ordinary and India had Kumble. Those were different times. 400 was unheard of in odis then.

Someone mentioned Richards. Richard's 189* vs England 1984 was another superlative knock. 100+ run partnership with Holding for 10th wicket of which Holding made 12*. Second highest scorer was Eldine Baptist who made 26.

Well done Sachin all the same. Hats off to him.
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