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What does the future hold?

--Bangladesh are well towards becoming a power house within next 10 years (3rd to 6th). A golden generation of cricketers might put them on the top occasionally.

Who are the future stars and what makes them so good?

--Current lot: Tamim, Junaed. Rakib, Shakib, Mushy & Rubel.
Next few years: Saqlain (SLA), Ariful (MF-AllR), Anamul (Bat-W), Sabbir (LB-AllR), Nasir (OB-AllR), Mithun (Bat-W), Rony (Bat) and few others are potential stars.
These guys know the game better, more fit (both physically & mentally), and took cricket more professionally.

Are facilities at the clubs good?

--Not yet. Most of them practices on borrowed/hired grounds. But there are few exceptions as well (i.e. Kalabagan sports club, Old DOHS)
But few major clubs of Dhaka & Chittagong took initiatives to increase the facilities in future.

Are youngsters from all backgrounds encouraged to play the game?

--It become a good profession now a days. Parents are encouraged to send their kids to the ground. Cricketers are becoming super-star in out country. Socially, ppl from different level plays the game and get appreciated from around. My 12 years old cousin is encouraged to play cricket while I was the one who suffered curfew (!) from the same family...

How much funding is there to enable the most talented young players to reach the top?

Not that much till now. Though, from this year, BCB will provide scholarship to few young players of the Academy team. Still, on private level, lot of ppl and organizations are pulling up the talents, giving them support and encouragement. Things are only getting better in this level (no statistics, just from personal experiences). Lot of new teams (and stronger) is coming up from 3rd division and its qualifying round (Dhaka premiere league) with private funding.

Is enough being done, whether by the BCB, the ICC or anyone else to invest in the future of Bangladesh cricket.

I fully agree with Mr. Razab, when he says: "Nope. We need a fully professional BCB and as long as political appointees dominate, it will continue to be a start/stop affair."
They (cricket authority) have to concentrate more to develop cricket facilities (i.e. grounds, practice) in all over the country. BCB took initiatives for division wise (we have six division till now, two more is coming up) centralization, and hope it will pay of in future.

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