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Originally Posted by Jesus87
Still he was awesome, the way he used to bat oh boy. His medium pace was handy too, great player one of my favorites. I think after the racist remarks he was devastated,
give me a break ! you are talking about a grown up professional cricketer with an alchohol abuse problem, not a cutesy 5year old kid. if this was an excuse jayasuriya would have left the game long ago when mcgrath called him a black monkey.
and what racist comments are you talking about ? suddenly the australian cricketers become the symbol of truthfulness ?
only people who are racist themselves see racism everywhere, like many (but not all) australians are wont to. how many subcontinent people even knew that symonds was of aboriginal extraction ? he looks as white as any other aussie player !

the whole Indian crowd chanting "monkey" did harm to the poor bloke's mindset, hope he recovers well.
2 guys, that's right, 2 guys were chanting monkey, they were thrown out of the stadium and barred from attending cricket matches for life by BCCI. that becomes the whole crowd ?
also, is monkey even a racist comment in Indian/sub-continent context ?
if you have grown up in bangladesh, how many times have elders called you bandor polada (monkey kid) ? were they being racist towards you ? just because australians have been racist and still are to some extent doesn't mean their racist terms have the same meaning in another cultural context.

please try to apply your own thought and don't just blindly believe whatever aussie media publishes just because it comes from a white.

you want to know what is racism, have a look at the report earlier :
Captained the australian aboriginal team to england last year
which civilized country has a team formed on racial grounds ? do you see an all-black team in US or UK ?
you decide which country/society is racist.
Anything can be sacrificed for truth,
nothing is too valuable to sacrifice truth instead.
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