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Originally Posted by Neel Here
it didn't happen. your friend read a few aussie media reports and swallowed their reports hook,line and sinker. now of course, they are white and Indians are not. obviously whites can't lie. it must be the Indian's fault right ? they are brown after all !
and einstein, "those Indians shitted on by british" includes bangladeshis and pakistanis too. you better brush up your history.
You haven't watched the video provided by Yaseer yet, have you. I have watched that a long time ago, before saying something do some research. I was referring to this incident, thanks to Yaseer. What will you do during this incident? Put yourself in Symmo's shoes, I think you won't be living with us today. If you still think only two people were chanting monkey, open your eyes and please have a glimpse of the video.

Thanks again Yaseer.
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