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Default Muy Bonitaaa

Matches very well with the front page!!! Simple and Professional! I knew I had an eye for talent! I should be the chief selector now that Ailul resigned! (DS didn't publish it, i wonder why)

Anyways, the title should be July-August. Not June-July

Another thing, I think Rajputro once offered to make some sort of a database where if you put the stats, individual player's stats would be updated. So I was wondering, why not do em all together! Let's say Arnab updated his Aus tour stat - So with that all the other individual stat would be updated at the same time. Because that sec needs a lot of construction!!

Anyways - suggestion deya shoja

added: Doesn't it feel like we are going through a revolution after Dev's arrival!! Everything is improving!! or it seems rather. (team, website, etc)

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