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Originally posted by BD Tigers
this is a bluff from our clever captain. he's just saying that so that Danguly thinks we are not going to play to win. Then they will play relaxly and we will do "Ghar Motkano"....hehehehe....
they wont play relaxly... India will come out full force... a series loss wont take them up in the ODI table... and they have no intention of losing the series... but jemne ichcha kheluk... BD has won one and thats what matters rit now. Kalke jodi hereo jai amar dukkho nai.

Bashar er comment was polite... we all know he is softspoken in public media... so this is a very characteristic remark from the captain... I am sure he will go into the game with a positive mind... everyone wants to win... "I'm not thinking of a series win" ai part ta na mention korlei hoito... he shud have just said we will play positively tomorrow and hope to carry on the form... thats what everyone wanted to hear. He is surely thinking of a series win now... maybe not before the 2nd ODI but his post match thoughts surely had the thought of another win.

but anyways... well said boss... lead the batting tomorrow and u will become a national hero! atleast for a while!
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