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Originally Posted by WarWolf
Dear Sirs
With due respect, please let me have the pleasure to introduce myself. I am a poor devoted fan of Bangladesh team supporting our cricket from the bottom of my heart. There are a millions of fans like me from inside and outside of Bangladesh. Love for Bangladesh cricket is running inside our veins. This is our national pride.

We, all, do have great a respect for all the hard works you guys are doing for the team. But I am afraid that your works simply not good enough for a rising team like us. The news about the team environment, the recent results, the poor decisions about game planning and the team selections are pointing finger towards your ability.

Let’s start with the team environment. The air in the team is not fresh. Something is definitely going wrong. This can happen with a wrong team management. Players are not happy and probably having problem with each other. Recent incidents about Mash and Roc clearly suggests it. What they did is definitely wrong. But that is a result of bad environment actually. Management could do much better to handle the situation. Instead of doing that the captain criticized them in front of public press which made the situation even worse. This kind of criticism never should come in front of the public from a member of the team management. Do it in your closed door team meetings. The team manager also tried to bring irrelevant issues like religion to make things worse. Pathetic way to manage your national team. I am pretty much sure that the team spirit is lowest at the moment.

Now please take a look at the failures about the team planning and strategy. Over last 2 years a lot of times we have come very close to win matches against big teams. Due to lack of proper planning, we never been able to capitalize those situations. The management is taking odd decisions regularly which kills the game. We tend to take wrong decisions after winning tosses which cost the whole matches. Wrong captaincy has to take a big part of the blame. But these kinds of decisions are combined team management decisions and the captain only implements it. So the coach and the manager also have to share the blame. You don’t learn and make the same mistakes again and again. It seems that you are reluctant to learn.

Individual performances are always important. But not more important than the whole team performance and playing as a unit. Wrong signal is being continuously given to the players about personal performances. As a result we are seeing selfish attitude from them. What Mash and Roc did is the result of these kinds of wrong signals.

Team selection became a joke these days. If you don’t have competent players in the team then you would never be able to compete. Without any real justification, non-performers like Junaed and Aftab remain in the team. They are not rarely performs; you have to admit the truth. If a player is unable to reach 30+ averages both in first class and list A matches, then there’s no justification of selecting him. Who cannot perform in domestic level will never be able to perform in international level. Please accept the truth. There players like Jahirul, Faisal and Farhad in the domestic level who can be tried instead of these non-performers. Tamim, Riyad, Shakib, Naeem all these performers had healthy stats when they came into the side. There’s no point in trying some pure raw bowler like Rubel. He is not ready yet. By selecting him, you are not only doing injustice to the national team but also ruining this young guy. Someday you guys will throw him by labeling “Simply Not Good Enough”. Bagh mama, please leave the chair and let some one better than you do the job.

There’s a saying, “ Talk Less, Do more”. Our captain and coach are following the opposite strategy. Refraining from making un-necessary comments in front of the media makes it easier for you to manage the team.

A coach has a big role to play in cricket. He is not only the technical trainer but also the main strategician in the team. He along with the captain, vice-captain and the manager makes the master plans before approaching the matches. Mr. Siddons, you failed to live up to the expectations. Either stand tall for the job or leave the head coach post please. I rate you high as a batting coach. But as a head coach, you are zero so far. Mr. Hira, please leave the post of manager. You are simply good for nothing here. Mr. Shakib, please take care so that your shadow doesn’t get bigger than you. Otherwise you will be doomed.

Thanking in advance
A Poor Bangladeshi Fan
Top post my friend..really liked the part of what you said about mash and rocks situation..somne people thought shakib said the right things about rock but in my opinion, those were some unnecessary stuff he said about the situation..he handled it bad..why is he commenting on this situation at a sensitive time? Espicially when rock wishes not 2 share about it? This stuff should be behind closed doors..we should not be knowing about these things..when they asked him he shouldve just said no comment..instead he goes on and sayz oo mash and sn should be suspended blah blah..really shakib? Are you the bcb boss here? Your just the captain man, you dont have the power 2 suspend, and sn and mash are his teammates and throwing them under the bus is not right..thats just bad morals..just say that i dont wanna talk about these things, im just here 2 talk about the game and thats it..everything i just wrong, planning, team selections, whatever you name just sick of it these days..
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