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Warwolf bhai, you wrote this historical beautiful letter and we are alreadfy tasting the benifit of it and as I write you this post our Raqibul wants to return to the team now....Sa'di bhai, as all the other bhais and apas said here, you must hand deliver this letter to BCB and BCB read, read!! It's about time Bangladesh cricket grows a backbone (As Ian W would say), it's about time Bangladeshi cricketers have some professional pride and grow a pair instead of constatntly acting like a herd of chagols (mountain goats)! Team selection? There is no selector in BD, otherwise the team cannot be like this..the coach, he is simply not good enough doing his JOB... I don't want to hear any excuses, why is there any good result, why does this team only go downward? And BCB? Please make YOURSELF "professional", do this, go stand in front of the mirror, and say,"We are BCB, we can do it, we are professionals!" Say it! Now! Stupid shameless bafoons!
And Enamul Haque Moni? You should castrate yourself, I forgot you are already missing it!!!
Shakib Al Hasan, you were my hero and said a lot of great things about you BUT now, you are beginning to look like a mountain Buffello (Mohish)....Please as Warwolf bhai said, Don't let that moronic shadow of your bite you in the bottocks now!!
There is no hope for any cricket in Bangladehs unless and until we have a decent, proper domestic League! We should hire professionals, for that matter! The whole current BCB board should retire and resign!

You know Whatmore said it very recently that cricketwise BD has some stadiums, some gyms and the bats, balls, pads and helmets are easily available, that's it! That is the standard, the extent of our current cricket achievement in our country! We don't really have cricket in there!!! But we have all the accessories!!! That's it!!! And D. Whatmore is very right here, he said that these REPEAT fundamental mistakes and doing the same thing, saying the same thing for the millionth time after a while gets very tiring and people eventually, other people I mean, who are paying attention eventually want to give up, walk away or leave and forget!!!

That is BAD news!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!

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