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Well I wasn't whining because Nets lost but the way they lost (they would have lost in the 7th game anyway). They were leading by around 10 to 4th qurater and then gave a 0-19 performance.(tha's why I got mad - every Spurs three pointer was a dagger). Basically the leading points switched!! When it's a do or die game, I think giving away straight 19 runs shows you are not even trying!!

The reasons behind my support for Nets are:
-Spurs denied Knicks Championship earlier
-NJ is east and next to NY. Also I have some fond memories in NJ

ANyways, Nets had couple of good players. I wouldn't say they would lose to ANY teams from west. I mean if they get Spurs minus Dunken. They would have won it in 4-1 (Ok I am starting to sound like Shahid)!! I will stop!

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