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Originally posted by shujan
Who are they? Pardon my ignorence.
No problem, mainstream radios don't normally play their music

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Canadian band, plays post rock music, no vocals. If you have seen the movie 28 days later you will have heard one of their pieces called East Hastings (scene when the dude is walking thru a totally empty London and then gets chased by the zombies). Their songs are like epics at around 16 - 20 minutes long, and don't follow the normal Pop song structure. They are a pretty reclusive band, don't know what they look like or what kind of people they are which is just how I like it.

Mogwai - Scottish band, also post rock genre but sounds different to GY!BE. They have some vocals, but that's not their strongest point.

The Art of Fighting - Australian band, their music sounds like Pop but their not pop as in Top 40. The best thing about them are their lyrics, really sentimental but not soppy and cheesy like most of the Top 40 $hit. Really beautiful stuff.

Sorry - that was probably more info than you wanted!


Mon, since when did THE Beethoven compose "Love Story" and "Ava Maria"? Are you talking about "Love Story", the theme from that '70s movie and Ava Maria by Bach-Gonoud?

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