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Haradhon = Hosain Alam from Washington, D.C. suburb, Maryland, USA.
Happy New Year to all Banglacricket fans.
I can be truthful only if you guys do not kick me out for being the OLDEST VISITOR to this forum. Folks, I an older than “Reinausagi” or “Chinaman!” I am 42 years 309 days old, an electrical engineer currently working as engineering manager for the U. S. government, and live in Maryland, USA since 1986.
My association with cricket dates back to the late Seventies when I was a fan of the “Rising Star” club of Chittagong League. My memories of the Seventies are watching Shafiqul Haq Hira sweeping spinners and creating a storm of dust, watching Dileep Mendis fielding in silly point and whacking BD bowlers without mercy in Chittagong, and being a Yusuf Babu fan, who scored 78 against MCC in 1978.
Recent cricketing activities: Played “tape tennis” (tennis ball wrapped with electrical tape) with the University of Maryland students in the side walk at the college Park campus in summer 2003.

Tehsin: I, perhaps, know you. We were invited to the same lunch as “jamai babu.”
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