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My memories of the Seventies are watching Shafiqul Haq Hira sweeping spinners and creating a storm of dust, watching Dileep Mendis fielding in silly point and whacking BD bowlers without mercy in Chittagong, and being a Yusuf Babu fan, who scored 78 against MCC in 1978.
Welcome 'oldie'. Good to have someone else who remembers Heera's jharoo shot. I used to hang out with the player's wives/sisters and such during the games. Heera had a Japanese wife who spoke perfect Bangla! Shamim Kabir's wife who was in her thirties and trying to concieve their first child was deathly afraid one of the MCC pace bowlers was going to sneak through the bat and pad and do some damage

About Mendis' feilding.. I remember he took a hard shot straight from one of the BD batsmen straight to the gut and held on to it for an out! We had thought he was going to the hospital! No, he just dusted himself off and handed the ball to Warnapura.

Anyway. WELCOME!
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