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Originally Posted by Jesus87
You haven't watched the video provided by Yaseer yet, have you. I have watched that a long time ago, before saying something do some research. I was referring to this incident, thanks to Yaseer. What will you do during this incident? Put yourself in Symmo's shoes, I think you won't be living with us today. If you still think only two people were chanting monkey, open your eyes and please have a glimpse of the video.

Thanks again Yaseer.
my dear brother, please watch that video again, ignore the 'analysis' by the program host and the 'suggestive' title of the video. how many people did you see chanting monkey ? zero ? because what they are chanting is clearly inaudible. I can only see two people with a placard "why monkey among kangaroos".

the program host whines that the crowd was 'booing'. what a crybaby !
what did he expect ? you are playing on foreign soil against the home team and the crowd is going to cheer you on to perform against the home team ?
how does the aussie crowd behave with foreign players ?
why don't you go and ask the BD national team players about that ?
in the 1985 world championship of cricket tournament held in australia, there were placards among the crowd in the final match between Ind and Pak saying "match between the bus-conductors and the taxi-drivers". now that sir, is a racist comment.
what did the ACB do about it ? nothing ? the difference is that in India, the authorities were at least asking the crowd to behave properly and not behave aggressively.

and before I forget, symmonds is happily playing in the country in front of crowds who supposedly uttered racist chants against him and ended his career.
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