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Originally Posted by Farhad
If you actually watched the match, you'd notice that the boundaries were pushed all the way back. You can watch the highlights at if you'd like. In case you're wondering about the size of the ground itself, its 40000 m^2 (larger than average).

As for the pitch, it clearly had enough on it for Bollinger to record figures of 2-15 (3.75 rpo). Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due. Watson defeated Murali in this particular case, live with it.

Just to head you off as I know no one ever wants to admit theyre wrong, lets just agree to disagree...
Good point. They prepare the same kind of pitch for one dayers as well. Only constraint here is , that loss of wickets is less of a worry. If you lose 3 wickets in first 10 overs, it is a big problem in one dayers. Arguably one dayers is not pure cricket either. The thing here is, innings building doesn't matter much. One dayers there is pretension of innnings building(just pretension though). Just look at number of times 300+ has been scored in the last 10 and compare with 90s. You will know the difference. T20 is pure limited overs entertainment. Test is like classic. odi is neither here nor there.
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