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BDFlag Shakti Doi

Now Lets focus on another Doi in Bogra district. Dr. Mohammad Yunus capitalized famous Bogra doi in a larger,more effective and useful version. Thanks to him for this kind of project.

Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus along with Grameen Group and the French yogurt company Danone are doing an extremely good work in order to promote a world free from hunger. Shoktidoi (Shakti - means sacred force, power, or energy)is an immunity-enhancing and energy-boosting yogurt. It has been developed in an ultra-modern research center in the Paris suburb.

Danone faced a different kind of innovation challenge when it teamed up in 2005 with Grameen Group of Bangladesh to develop a yogurt for some of the poorest consumers in the world. The result was a product that would retail for less than 10¢ per serving yet provide 30% of the minimum daily requirement of iron and other key nutrients to poor children.
Scientific Process
It is manufactured in a small, environmentally friendly factory, with a low-tech, labor-intensive supply and distribution network—the kind of small-scale "social business enterprise" conceptualized by Grameen's founder, Muhammad Yunus.

Marketing: Rural jobless women are the distributor and directly door to door seller. Thus they're earning their livelihood
The fund will help finance new Grameen Danone plants in Bangladesh and new projects on other continents to reduce community poverty. It seeks to benefit the community in general by creating more than 1,000 livestock and distribution jobs including the “Grameen Ladies” who sell Shoktidoi yoghurt door to door, while still earning a profit

using mascot to attract the children

Happy Bangladeshi children who are supposed to die early due to malnutrition,hunger.

chi chi bujhee_kom bhaia abaro angul chubiye khacchen!!
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