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[QUOTE=tonoy;1131693]Great thread Omio.

Do you want to know what's on my mind? Well, we have our exams coming up next week. And throughout this stressful times, I can't help but think about the time when I was a kid and my parents would threaten to send me back in Bangladesh for "haal chash" at the country side. Now as I grow older, I can't help but ponder if it would've really been that bad to be sent back to Bangladesh as a rural farmer.[/QUOTE]

Honestly Speaking, In my opinion, the lives of these people are far more wonderful than some other people who live overseas...Life might have been wonderful because you it is a simple, yet honorable life. without their efforts, the 16+crore people of bangladesh Would not recieve rice in their tummy(thukku, about 30% of these people has nothing to eat anyways on a daily basis!) everyday!

of course, you would miss living the lazy life, using internet, school and all the fun things we take for granted...
In sha Allah a day will come when Bangladesh will defy all types of odds to win everything. (ICC, BCCI, umpires, Ramij Raja, Boycott, Sidhu) Nothing will stop Bangladesh. Bangladesh will keep winning match after match after match after match.That day may not be very far...
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