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Originally Posted by Ashraf-FTP
lol. Ahh, too bad for you, I dont get lectures, my parents are special, to them, I am. Like Rifat bro said, you just have to do what they tell you, and do the other things when they are not around
The thing is, I do what they tell me and yet, somehow I manage to get 2 hour lectures :S

Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
put him on a special friend list, and block him from you status.

How exactly do i do that I need to do that for my 10 yr old cousin.! Faaar out kids with facebook I mean I kind of don't want him reading stuff on my wall, my statuses and seeing my picture comments. IS there a away i can do this? If so, please tell me how! I AM DESPERATE TO KNOW!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by magic boy
I know what is actually in your mind about BC after spending 2 years and 10000+ posts
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