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A related blog from "the 3rd world view" by Rezwan Islam

Avro Vs. Bijoy: Let Language Be Free

Posted by Rezwan in Bangla, Bangladesh, Language
The Bangla blogosphere and Bangladeshi Facebook users are infuriated with protests as 'Avro', one of the popular and widely used open source Bangla input systems, was accused as a pirated version of another popular Bangla input system 'Bijoy' and the Avro team was mentioned as hackers.

In an article in a Bangla news daily, Mustafa Jabbar, the proprietor of Bijoy and a pioneer of Bangla computing said hackers were responsible for spreading pirated copies of his Bijoy software on the internet. He also said that UNDP had helped these hackers to be selected by the Bangladesh Election commission for their national database works.

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