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I blame Imrul kayes who started the collapse. Imrul gave a simple catch and the way he was playing Tait, he looked below club league, also Riyadh and Aftab and how they got out was just ridiculous. Tait got two maidens, he should thank Imrul and Rajjak for that. Both are equally incompetent batsmen.

Ash gets an excuse because gilly used to get out most of the time like that, if there was no Tait it would have been Six, it was sweetly timed, but unfortunate that the fielder was there.

I expected that from Aftab as he's a donkey. Gadha ke right ee jete bolle she left ee jai, Aftab is a gone case.

But, Riyadh when your team is in deep trouble you don't play a shot like that, it's just stupid, he was suppose to be Mr. Dependable but he too failed and failed big in both games. Riyadh is a test and odi batsman, T20 is not his cup of tea. Still, I will pick him over Naeem, Aftab and Imrul anyday.
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