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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
never really cared about this format, its largely irrelevant and almost totally a useless format. the only possible benefit 2020 cricket is for getting bowlers used to bowling slog overs in ODIs. asides from that there is little benefit. so it may seem surprising but i think we've improved quite a bit in 2020 cricket. this tourney was far better than i feared it would be.

as of now the ICC as well as the 10 full members agree with me that 50 overs cricket is more valuable, but unfortunately most cricket fans disagree.

but the real cricket is first class and test cricket. runs scored are truly earned, and wickets taken are even more valuable.

we should now turn our attention to the England tour matches and Test series and the the Asia Cup. win a few matches, push the tests at least to late in the 4th day, or early 5th, and all T20 blunders should be forgiven and forgotten.
We know its a useless format, but riddle me this, if it is that useless why do other countries tries to win? Why does our players follow the same suit in every format of the game? Why can't they register a single measly win in the last 12 games in this useless format? 20/20 is useless in front of 50/50, similarly 50/50 is useless in front of TEST cricket, but it doesn't mean we should make a fool of ourselves in 20/20.

The fact of the matter is even in full 20/20 it does not really reduce the gap between an elite team and a team full of minnow.
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