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Originally Posted by deshifan
Who told you we have done well restricting Aussies ? Everybody knows about our batting frailties and we should have contained them withing 110 after such a great bowling till the 15th over. To me, those three overs (17th, 18th and 19th) during Aussie innings have decided our fate and our batsmen just did what they know.


Mashrafe Mortaza to MEK Hussey, SIX, 81.5 mph, Incredible timing! Full toss on leg stump, but they still have to be out away. Hussey stood his ground and flicked it nonchalantly over square leg for a six


Mashrafe Mortaza to MEK Hussey, 1 run, 82.7 mph, works this one behind square for a single. Hussey is playing a wonderful hand here


Mashrafe Mortaza to Smith, 1 run, 82.8 mph, ah, he misses out with the paddle sweep. Times it well from the leg stump line, but it goes straight to the only fielder in that region, inside the circle


Mashrafe Mortaza to MEK Hussey, FOUR, 83.5 mph, Mashrafe is losing the plot after a fine spell until now. This one again is on leg stump, as all the previous balls this over, with fine leg in the circle. Hussey says thank you very much mate and redirects the ball behind square leg


Mashrafe Mortaza to MEK Hussey, FOUR, 55.0 mph, expertly played! Finally Ashrafe gets it outside off, but there was enough room for Hussey to make a measured surgical cut to send it scurrying fine to the third man fence


Mashrafe Mortaza to MEK Hussey, 1 run, 72.0 mph, cuts it away hard straight to cover for a single. Great over for Aus.


Shakib Al Hasan to MEK Hussey, FOUR, 59.7 mph, Wah! Reverse sweep from Hussey, that was a full toss outside off, Hussey spotted the gap behind square and sent the ball to the fence with a backhand swat


Shakib Al Hasan to MEK Hussey, 1 run, bunts this one down to long on to turn the strike over


Shakib Al Hasan to Smith, FOUR, 55.0 mph, Shot! Smith is down the track, gets to the pitch and uncorks a perfect extra-coverdrive, high elbow and good follow through, couple of bounces for four


Shakib Al Hasan to Smith, 1 run, 56.1 mph, gets this away straight down the ground for a single


Shakib Al Hasan to MEK Hussey, 1 run, 59.6 mph, Hussey gets down the track and drives to long off for a single


Shakib Al Hasan to Smith, 1 bye, 54.6 mph, Smith goes for the reverse sweep this time and fails to make connection, that missed the stumps by a thin margin


Abdur Razzak to Smith, SIX, 57.1 mph, Butchered! Shorter boundary on the leg side, and Smith went for it, with the expansive hoick over midwicket. Times perfectly


Abdur Razzak to Smith, 1 run, 59.4 mph, down the track and goes through with the drive to extra cover


Abdur Razzak to MEK Hussey, 1 run, 59.5 mph, swings it to the leg side and takes another tight single


Abdur Razzak to Smith, SIX, 55.0 mph, Smith smashed that to smithereens! Short of a length this time, he stays back and plays a violent pull, timing it well to send it flying over midwicket. The Smith family will be proud!


Abdur Razzak to Smith, no run, 63.1 mph, looks to swing it away again, but cannot get it away this time


Abdur Razzak to Smith, no run, 54.3 mph, gets forward and looks to sweep, but misses. It trickles off the pads.
the mashrafe full toss that went for six turned the fortune towards aussies.

and then imrul ash and aftab set the tone of our batting
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