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I read about this Arsenic Poisoning in ground water in West Bengal, India and Bangladesh around 2 months ago in Down to Earth, an indian environmental magazine. I was shocked to read the article.

Arsenic poisoning can be very dangerous and it could have killed a lot of bengalis already. It is only recently, this year that the problem has come up and i found out that the wells and ground water are also going to be checked in Bangladesh. Also, if this is going to kill people in BD, then this is going to show its effect in India as well and lots of indians can also die due to arsenic poisoning as well. According to the map, the worst hit areas are around the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta. Chittagong seems to be the worst-hit region

Water pollution is going on the rise and i think that bangladesh could even have to import water after some time if this problem isnt checked now.

What could be its reason ?

Rafiq - This arsenic poisoning is affecting both Indians and Bangladeshis with the main effect in Bangladesh. So, this topic is of importance to indians as well.

Rajputro - I dont know how i posted this in the "Bangladesh" forum, but now u shifted it into "Forget Cricket" forum. This topic is of importance to us guys as in both the countries lots of people could die due to Arsenic poisoning. I am also going to post the effects of arsenic poisoning here after i find them out.
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