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I whole heartedly agree with Rafiq bhai and already signed the petition.

I really question whether we have any self-respect when I see Nizami became a cabinet minister for running the same country that he opposed in 1971 and by his own hand written and supplied the names of Intellectuals who were butchered later by Pak A rmy. When Nizami was selected...I saw no protest. I expected at least the students would burst out on the streets protesting. It seems no body cares now....may be the 25 yrs of systematic effort to erase the significance of 71 war is working very well...

Now this SAKA issue....

Many of us might not like Jews for what they had done to Palestine. But at least they have some self restpect....even after fifty years they are hunting down holocaust criminal and bringing them to justice...

Time to learn from them...
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