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I am happy with my position at #2 with so many fantasy cricket experts around. It has been a great competition specially at the top. Had the results of the last few matches been not so predictable, it would have been more fun, we would have seen more jumps from the fighters of the mid of the table. Some of them have got more points in the semis than the table toppers; but a big jump was impossible because everyone had more or less the same set of players.

T_E bhai and I had another mission, to create a league to represent Bangladesh at the very top of the league leaderboard. And with the helping hand of Noc bhai with his rich team we have been successful in doing that too. The big creadit of course goes to a spare team created by T_E bhai which has been placed at #3 out of those several thousand teams!

It was fun and the credit goes to all of us. Looking forward to the next competition.
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