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Originally Posted by Surfer
I find a flavor of sadism in this thread. The way it starts- hahahaha. People have a tendency of taking pleasure when a big man falls or even gets into trouble. Can't see how he may have hurt anyone here to deserve this hatred.

I wrote that post ("hahahahah....") and started the thread. Yes you are right, what does any of the BCites that are posting in this thread have anything to do with Lait Kumar getting finally a little taste of the long due consequence of his sveere criminal past in North Carolina. But this is a thread about celebrating the Indian Law and showing some respect to the Indian system, some ballsy ministers to bring this scum down (let the ministers be corrupt or whatever, those ministers are not being judged for their past here, here we are talking about Lit Kumar and his one specific very bad Karma!!

This thread is about one of the great concepts in the great reliegion of Hinduism - "Karma" -"What goes around comes aorund", this is a celebration for thousands of years of Indian social justice, spiritual justice and justice for the powerless victims who can not speak.

Surfer bhai, this thread is about the great Indian law that I respect so very highly.

I took personal satisfaction in this issue as I myself saw the copies of the North Carolina judicial/court papers and the Durhum County Police report (this are public, if one tries, he/she can access these reletively easily) on Lalit Kumar's case (the specific case where he was convicted and felonized as he commited a federal crime - while attending Duke University) - This is how I feel about it, Lalit Kumar Modi can snort all the cocaine he wants, he can even sell some cocaine to soem people and even it is against the law and a direct violation of the law, still I can see these as his personal choice and his friends private party, having a good time stuff. But the case changes the moment Lalit Kumar Modi took part in
1. Shifting a kilo-gram (it's a federal crime) of cocaine and selling it to buyer X (2 victims) within the State of North Carolina.
2. Robbed the buyer X at gun point. (Took the money and the Coke, then abducted/kidnapped buyer X and the victim's abandoned car was found in the parling lot with the vicitm's blood inside)
3. kidnapped (it's a federal crime)and hid buyer X and tortured them in a Durham house.
4. Possessing illigal fire-arms and threatened to kill with it.
5. Intention to kill and put fear in the abductee's (Buyer X) mind.

When La Famiglia cartel, Juarez cartel kill or killed and many other Miami/Colombian/Mexiacn cartels kill ruthlessly or kidnapp, torture ruthlessly, they continue to do so as they remain low lives criminal scum as they are and they remain in the dark alley and shady locations (yes, may be in fancy expansive hotels, riviera, but still a coke dealer is a coke dealer, a killer is a killer and a criminal is just a criminal), but they cannot go up high and pretend to be normal and good and people's leader in a country like India! Lalit Kumar Modi does not reflect or represent the great majority of good, kind, peaceful and loving people of India, and Karma catches up with you sooner or later. It gives me some peace of mind.
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!

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