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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
in Surah Alaq (the Clot - #96), it says people are created from "clots", hence the name of the surah.

however, a cursory study of Embryology, as offered by medical colleges, does not reveal any such thing. IIRC, the events are as follows:

spermatozoan meets ovum, binds the outside, fuses, and prevents any other spermatozoan from fertilizing the egg. the male DNA enters the female cell, and now you have a zygote which 6-9 days after fertilization (which itself occurs some 12-24 hours intercourse, IIRC), binds to endometrial lining, and 9 months or 37-41 weeks later, a bundle of joy pops out.

but when i was leafing through Langeman's Embryology textbook, i found the mentioning of a clot of blood at some point, which was quite mind boggling.
The reference of clot is not the same as the clotting of blood (coagulation), if you research the arabic word, I think its better defined as a group of lumps. Hence the splitting of the zygote.

clog: coalesce or unite in a mass

Hence its not talking about a clot of blood, rather a union of smaller lumps.

The embryology chapter, I havent fully checked over and verified.

I will get onto this when I can.
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