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Originally Posted by Nafi

'We' is just the plurality of God and HIS power, a common literary device used by Kings as well to signify their power. And also pantheism is not conrtradictory to Islam, since the whole universe was created from God's energy from 'nothing', as mass doesnt exist, we are all just fluctuations of energy.
No plurality, only singularity! And, yes, its the Royal "We".

As for as pantheism and islam, I think you have been reading a copious amount of Ibn Al-Arabi. If that is very careful...he is not to be read by novices and a great many scholars of this age are novices! Pantheism and Islam are not compatable. Do you have any textual evidence to the claim that "whole universe was created from God's energy from 'nothing'"? Would be interesting to find out

But, I believe, we have a creative theologian in the making in you, Nafi
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