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Originally Posted by _Rafi_
I think you were wrong there. Shahrukh khan actually wanted Pak players but compelled by Modi and Co not to include. Plus recent controversy proved how powerfull Modi was
p.s. sorry for late reply Neel vai.
modi is powerful but not powerful enough to take on these guys, that's what I said. it's all business to people like him. the franchise owners too care only about the money they get. so please explain why modi would want to stop pak players from playing in IPL ? he is not a politician. why would he play politics ? what's in it for him ? his kind of people don't act without some self-interest. in fact you may not know that it was modi who thrashed out the problems with izaz butt and got the pak players to feature in the IPL bid in the first place.
he has no control over who the franchises bid for. as for SRK, could be that he and ganguly wanted to get some pak players but if the franchise owners collectively took a decision not to (reason explained in earlier post) he is too small to pi$$ them off by breaking that decision.
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