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Originally Posted by Spitfire_x86
Easy with the Zimbo-loving and self bashing. We whitewashed the second string WI XI in Tests and ODIs.They aren't doing anything we can't do.

When we meet them, we'll thrash them. Again.
that's the spirit ! all this self-flagellation was getting very boring.

b_desy, am I being naive or are you being closed-minded ?
funny that you don't even realize the contradictory statements you are making.
for example
a)BCCI owns ICC
b)BCCI hates BD and doesn't want BD to play tests
fact : BD is still playing tests and there has been no attempts by ICC to take away the test status. how do you reconcile the facts with your 'theory' ?
surely, at least one(likely both) of your statements is wrong ?!

BCCI is everyone's favourite whipping boy, except CSA every board has made comments against them at one time or other, why would BCB be suddenly reticent ?
regarding IPL, BCCI has no power to force a team to buy BD players but they did feature BD players in the auction didn't they ? I don't think they had promised anything more to BCB.
also, have you forgotten the BD players who did feature in IPL, one at a record price ?
it's another matter that the coach of KKR had cow dung in stead of brains and misused his services. again, how is that BCCI's fault ?

BCCI has many faults, these are not it. I am not going to accept them just because it suits your cozy world view about 'bad bad eendia' out to get your country. OTOH you could try some thinking on the lines of 'who benefits' and 'what's in it for them' rather than proceed on the assumption that BCCI is some comic book villain who commits villainy just for the heck of it !
if nothing else, it would help you reach less ridiculous conclusions.

The fact that you are really trying to persuade me into believe that BCCI actually has the best interest in mind for BCB just cracks me up.
great attempt to put words in my mouth !
I never said that. what I said was if there is an understanding on these lines, it suits both parties, BCB because they get a hefty revenue and BCCI because they don't have to deal with the whiny subordinate boards who run the stadiums.
How many times do i have to tell you about darwin. dont change the freaking topic I told you they hosted us right?? yes or no is good enough.

what topic did I change ? even after all this shouting yourself hoarse you still haven't understood the point I was making. go back and read it again please.

thanks for that article. here's a relevant part
and it has been decided that we will not tour India in April. It is mainly because both the sides [were] pressed for time.
so at least some part of what I suggested is borne out by this statement. who knows if they reached an understanding after this ?
Anything can be sacrificed for truth,
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