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a)BCCI owns ICC
b)BCCI hates BD and doesn't want BD to play tests
fact : BD is still playing tests and there has been no attempts by ICC to take away the test status. how do you reconcile the facts with your 'theory' ?
surely, at least one(likely both) of your statements is wrong ?!
I said BCCI practically owns ICC. Another words they have the power to make things happens. IMO that is the reason why there wasn't any Bangladesh tour of India scheduled for the current FTP.
I never said BCCI hates BD, nor did I say BCCI doesn't want BD to play test. Don't change my words ok. If you think I been saying BCCI doesn't want BD to play test then you haven't been reading any of my posts. The point i'm trying to make is, as a test nation BD has the right to play with every test nation in their country. and even after 10 long years we have been hosted by every single test nation except India. And I don't like the fact that you are making it sound like its BCCI wants to host us but BCB doesn't want to play in India because of financial reason. show me some articles that talk about something along that line ? Why in the world would BCB not want Bangladesh to play in India? I mean India is like the capital of Cricket right ? who would not want to play there?

BCCI has many faults, these are not it. I am not going to accept them just because it suits your cozy world view about 'bad bad eendia' out to get your country. OTOH you could try some thinking on the lines of 'who benefits' and 'what's in it for them' rather than proceed on the assumption that BCCI is some comic book villain who commits villainy just for the heck of it !
Show me where I said 'bad bad eendia is out to mycountry'. and I would like to know how you know about my world view? are you some kind of a jotishi? we are here discussing why BCCI hasn't hosted BD even after 10 years. How in the world do you know about my world view? Where did I talk about Bad Bad india out to get my country? Don't make stuff up ok.

I never said that. what I said was if there is an understanding on these lines, it suits both parties, BCB because they get a hefty revenue and BCCI because they don't have to deal with the whiny subordinate boards who run the stadiums.
show me some proof that BCB and BCCI has this mutual understanding. I mean surely if there is an understanding like this, someone out there's should have reported it someday right?

what topic did I change ? even after all this shouting yourself hoarse you still haven't understood the point I was making. go back and read it again please.
ok, so lets recap. what are we talking about here? oh right why hasn't BCCI hosted BD yet? so we agree on this part right? yes or no.

Assuming that was a yes, here is my next question. Did CA hosted BD? Yes or No.

I don't care if CA hosted us in Darwin or Ponting's backyard or even his living room. They hosted us right. and BCCI didn't? That's the only thing I am talking about. So you trying to explain to me why CA choose Darwin is changing topic and that is exactly why I didn't bother to read those parts of your post.

w/e I'm done talking about this. Its not like me trying to get my view across is going to make a whole lot of difference, its not like BCCI is going to just wake up one day and decide to host BD. Beside I'm not a expert on this topic either, as I'm sure there are a lot of information I don't know about. I'll wait till the next FTP is out and see what happens, this whole discussion should be a thread of its own. and i'm sure if this was in the Banglacricket section, people who know much more about this stuff would have posted.

p.s- I don't love the Indian cricket team or BCCI but that doesn't mean I hate India or Indians, nor do I think they are out to get us. don't make stuff up man that's not cool.
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