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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
if you want to, you should.

and thats the point, in the absence of God, who is to say that any of the actions you mentioned are "wrong"?
Wrong, right; are inventions of society by humans. Not inventions of (nonexistent) god.

I will not kill you because you are not attacking me and I don't have to kill you to defend myself or my family or someone whom you might be attacking who cannot defend him/herself. I will not kill you for no reason, because it is irrational, inhumane, illogical, socially unacceptable, prevented by law of the land (created by human).

I will not kill you because as a rational human being I have no reason to kill you. Not because there is some imaginary being who allegedly wrote a set of imaginary laws that telling me to follow morally questionable ethics.

If god asks you kill others you will do so, like un-ethical, brainwashed zombie who doesn't understand the concept of right from wrong, because he doesn't understand how to think for himself. Some imaginary being and law needs to tell them how to think, how to sleep, how to eat, how to talk.

There are religious people in this world who have killed because they have found justification in their religious belief to kill others (whether it was permitted by religion or not). You will never find someone who killed because of their non-belief told them to kill others. Stalin did not kill because his non-belief told him to kill people, he killed because it was the best way to instill fear to farther his goal of dictatorship.

On the other hand suicide bombers who blow themselves up, pro-lifers christians who shoot up doctors & bomb clinic, jews who kill Palestinians, hindus who kill muslims; all do it specifically for religious reasons (whether you agree with their interpretations or not).

A non-believer will not stab you to death if you draw flying spaghetti monster or mock their non-belief.

I (or any non-believer) am more likely to defend your right to believe whatever you want to believe, even if I disagree with your belief, but you (or any fundamentalist religious person) are likely to kill me simply because I am infidel or a non-believer.

I think I will pass your twisted religious morality.

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