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Originally Posted by Electrequiem
Hmm, what do you mean? I am just trying to see where people think "Thou shalt not kill" stems from.
I would say both are reasons from the same tree.

God is a logical rational being, however HIS rational thought system is beyond/different to ours.

Humans and their morality is dependent on rational thought.

Both would rational systems would perceive in discriminant murder is wrong

I dont agree with how Furqaan is approaching morality.

If God left mankind to his own devices, morality would still exist, however this human morality is ever changing/evolving with cultural and socially, whilst also our environment is changing. For example, it might have been morally justified to hunt deer when their populations were thriving, but now they are nearly extinct, so it would be wrong.

Morality is static, and in Islam only, God has knowledge on what absolute morality.

However 'The message of Islam' is not an example of absolute morality, because the Quran misses out many things. To cover absolute morality would take all the ink of the oceans, and even then it wouldn't be enough, because morality changes with environment and situation. So absolute morality is an infinite topic. Impossible for humans to grasp, it is beyond us.

Henceforth, yes the Quran does cover certain moral principles, but the rest, he asks Mankind to reflect and use logic to derive morality. Which is what man would have done anyway, because humans are largely logical beings, but far from perfect.

And to address Blah's quote on the fallacious Epicurs statement.

Just because God doesn't prevent evil, who are you or any human to say that is malevolent. To understand absolute morality, or the morality of God, you would have to have a comprehensive understanding of the whole universe (and others if they exist) and a logical mind that is inconceivable.

And even without that omnipotent knowledge, I know that without suffering, would you even understand happiness.

If you keep a man in freezing cold his whole life, he will never realise or differentiate between warmth and cold. Simply put, if you had ice cream and nothing else, ice cream would cease to being a delicious dessert.

The problem with atheism, is that they think the world (universe) is so simple, because from their view its far from perfect.
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