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Originally Posted by Blah
A non-believer will not stab you to death if you draw flying spaghetti monster or mock their non-belief.

I (or any non-believer) am more likely to defend your right to believe whatever you want to believe, even if I disagree with your belief, but you (or any fundamentalist religious person) are likely to kill me simply because I am infidel or a non-believer.
Lol, you're saying as if all religious people are running after the non-religious ones to take their lives and all non-believers are as clean as it gets.

Just because some killers take their motivation from their religions, it doesn't make the religion blameworthy.

There might be some non-believer who's a crazy peson and will shoot me on sight just because I laughed at the fact that he believes in no god. Maybe, you wouldn't. Similarly, there will be believers who'll do the same for having their belief mocked at. But I wouldn't.

You have no point.
Man is here.
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