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Originally Posted by Blah
Which bring the obvious question, if he didn't look at her how did he know she was dressed inappropriately (Whatever the F that supposed to mean)? By looking at her he means looking at her face? If so it is ok not to look at her face but everywhere else?
That's just vain. You don't need to look at a person from head to toe to realise what he/she's wearing. Also the first look at times can be accidental too.

And you don't know what dressing inappropriately means? Or, is it just that you don't like the fact that some people seek appropriateness in dressings?

And I don't think it's that difficult to understand that what this man was trying to mean by saying ''he din't look at her'' is that he dint take advantage of the chance that he's talking to a woman dressing revealingly and so use the chance to ''check her out''.
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