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Damn pompous, I didn't know you were that interesting! I usually snore reading your posts (ok that was a not funny joke)!

The major basis of evolutionary evidence is that of fossil found in various parts of the world with massive time-gaps in between e.g. Half-fish half-reptile looking creatures have been used as evidence for a fish evolving into a reptile.
The best evidence I found for evolution is a bengali friend of mine. If you see him you would instantly figure out that Darwin knew what he was talking about! My friend is a taller (not a hunchback) APE with reduced hair.

If you guys are still not convinced, then here is another example.

NBA star Shaqil Oneil! Now if you don't belive that We came from monkeys after watching him... then you are stupid! Shala ekta gorilla! Kothao bole gorrilar moto..

Bob: "Was fatigue a problem for you in the 4th quarter after playing 3 straight without being benched?"
Shaq: "Weh, No ah ah Tha .. so Fan ah uh Momntum" (not a typo)
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