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Orpheaus wrote

If you are saying that all religion have same fundamentals and that believers find GOD in different names, nature, things etc... then your argument is plausible and I would emphasize that you are very open-minded.

I'd like to think of myself as open minded.

But how can you say this?

But NO - Someone, thousands of years ago figured out - he can dream a little dream and become a messiah of the God. Few years later, another shmuck got in the action. Wish we could go back in time, bring those TARDS here and lynch the life out of them.

I didn't expect comments like that from YOU! You can believe in whatever you want but to blatantly impugning the integrity of all the prophets that most portion of the world believe in is just too offensive. If I were to believe you, I would also have to believe in the notion that almost all of the world is filled with idiots and you are one of the selected few to see things straight, which is so conspicuous!

The world is filled with lots of idiots. If they are not idiots, they are weak or too strong (or don't care at all) and would go with the flow as it suits them.

Here's another - My background makes me believe that the prophets were real. If my prophets were real, then the other prophets were simply frauds or just misread the texts - the HUMAN error dealt a huge blow to the one religion and divided it into more.

Why do I think there is one god. Well, there's either one or none (uh oh). Then again, how would I know ? How would ANYONE know ?
The reasoning behind one god - if there were more, wouldn't we see them clash all the time. You can say that even if they do clash, us puny humans have no ways to tell.
The reasoning behind NO god - just look around you. Gotta be a pretty Messed (I wanted to use the other one) up god to let all evil happen around us. pretty evil.

Oh wait, what if there was never any god but just evil ? khek khek khek khek khek.
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