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Default Evolution is not science

Evolution is one of the most unscientific theory ever put forth by scientists. Mostly driven by propaganda than anything else.

Breifly why evolution is crackpot idea:

1. In Darwins day cell was thought to be a tiny dot without much to do. And life was thought to come by itself (worms and maggots coming out of a self contained rotten piece of meat etc). If Darwin knew about the complexities of a cell, he would have never proposed his bull crap theory.

2. A cell cannot be created. Those who think that Stanley's experiment to create amino acid (building block of cell) was a success needs to re-read the experiment procedure. Scientists now know that a cell cannot be created and neither can it come into existance by itself. Research to create cell has stopped for a long time (no one even tries, cause its IMPOSSIBLE). There is not a even a chance in 1 in billion trillion to create even one part of a cell (say mitocondrea), let alone a whole cell itself. Those who think a cell can come into existance by itslef needs to take basic college leve. Probability and Statistics class!

3. Why does all animal species appear all of a sudden in Cambrian period? "The beginning of the Cambrian period, some 545 million years ago, saw the sudden appearance in the fossil record of almost all the main types of animals (phyla) that still dominate the biota today". (from Science). What happened to gradual evolution?

4. We are still waiting for at least a fossil of an intermediate species (let alone an alive one). Why would natural selection destroy an evolved and better fit intermediate species while un-evolved one is still around us (take a look atl the chimps).

5. Darwin himself was confused about his theory and wrote about these in a chapter called "Difficulites in Theory". Where he admits that he cannot explain how an eye can evolve.

If you really want to know why evolution theory is nothing but all bull crap then please read this book completely:

Evoution Deciet by Harun Yahya
The above file is a ZIP file containing the PDF format book. You can visit the writer's site at all his books are free to download.

Every species from tiny DNA of a virus to complex human is created by God Alone.


PS. Don't equate adaptation to evolution. Staying out of sun and getting a light skin tone is not an evolution.
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