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Arnab trust me, I do get it. Trillions of molecules can line up perfectly to produce replicator in the very first chance. And probability gets increased because everywhere in the soup billions of molecules can combine billions of way in split seconds. Even so where did the amino acid come from to begin with?

Not to mention that the very postulate that billions of the molecules trying independently of one another increases the chance of creating a replicator is completely against laws of probability. Buying lottery for 10 weeks straight and loosing won't increase your chance of winning in 11th week. Because each lottery is independent of one another and your loosing doesn't increase your chance of your winning.

Whole theory rests on this flimsy string. Its so flimsy that I don't see the string.

You still didn't answer the question.

I would suggest you read the Evolution Deciet. Not to make you a believer in creation but just to show that there might be alternate solutions that one can certainly delve into. If nothing else you will get to know creationists' views a whole lot better.


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