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Not to mention that the very postulate that billions of the molecules trying independently of one another increases the chance of creating a replicator is completely against laws of probability. Buying lottery for 10 weeks straight and loosing won't increase your chance of winning in 11th week. Because each lottery is independent of one another and your loosing doesn't increase your chance of your winning.
It won't increase my chance. But if I keep buying tickets for lotteries every week for a million years, I WILL BE A WINNER IN AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE WEEKS. Now, do we have enough time to do the same thing with producing replicators? Yes. Using the analogy of lottery, there are billions of such lotteries being conducted every second and these lotteries are going on for millions of years. Don't you think there has to be AT LEAST ONE OR TWO INCIDENTS when the reaction will hit the jackpot over the course of gadzillions of lotteries? And it just takes ONCE to do this.

PS. Ockey, I apologise for taking part in this thread hijacking. I totally agree with what you said in your last post, BTW.

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