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Originally Posted by auntu
Sayed Ashraful is a fishy guy. He has his dark hand over Bangladesh cricket mo matter what Gov. is in power.
He has the largest contribution for our test status. He was the only Bangladeshi cricketer/cricket organizer to have some inetrnational connections, in those days. Bangladesh cricket has benefitted a lot through him and no need to talk against him, just because he is there for a long time. More over, his acceptance to all governments makes him more suitable for a higher position in BCB, because, it doesn't help to change all organizers with the change of government.

Off course, if you have any valid concern due to his presence, you might say. But not a sweeping remark, that why he is there during every government. What's your problem man, why should people be changed in BCB, because the government has changed? what's the relation? It still happens, I even oppose that much of linkage with government. There should be no effect on BCB for change of government..
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