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Didn't Stanley Miller spontaneously produce amino acids within a
week in the lab?
Now I know that you didn't read any of my posts completely. If you read you
wouldn't have mentioned Miller's experiment. Please study why Miller's experiment cannot be used as a Scientific proof or argument for self genesis of amino acid.

Facts That Invalidate Miller's Experiment

Miller and other stuff

Maggots, Mice, and…Stanley Miller

What does Miller himself say?
“It must be admitted from the beginning that we do not know how life began. It is generally believed that a variety of processes led to the formation of simple organic compounds on the primitive earth. These compounds combined together to give more and more complex structures until one was formed that could be called living. No one should be satisfied with an explanation as general as this.”
Stanley Miller

For Ockey:
Sorry for taking up the space to talk about evolution. I agree 100% with freedom of speech. Doesn't matter if it goes against political or normal social ideology. One must hear it out and make their own mind.

Acutally I started the discussion just to expose the fallacy of evolution. Nothing more.
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