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I thought I would just stop writing on this topic...but I had to respond...but this is my last post for sure on this!

why did God create all the things that we do not need such as other galaxies or other sections of universe(s) outside our solar system?” or “Why did God have to make the human race at much later stage of an evolved Earth, why couldn’t he make Earth perfect for human since the beginning because after all, we are the sole reason why God created all these?

and you know for sure that these planets and galaxies are useless eh? wow! what a collosal waste of time for all those physicists who sleep. live and eat astronomy and astrophysics. All this theories about gravitational pull between bodies and the various emissions and their various effects on each other, all rubbish??? wow! a brave comment to make when hardly anything is known about even a corner of the universe and the farthest man has travelled is the moon.
And time can be a very relative term! If you read descriptions of time as it will be on the day of judgement and thereafter, you will see God doesnot necessarily run according to your terms. He does according to His own wishes. Even if He did creat this world for humans, why should that mean that He would want humans on earth from day 1 (especially as you know it!)???
Plus I don't think the author was justifying God's existence with that question at all. He was just trying to contemplate for a second how impossible it is to contemplate a world with out carbon. Now read the question again.

And whats wrong with discarding a theory if a flaw is found? thats how "science" works doesn't it? Isn't that how you prove and disprove scientific theories?

In the end you wanna believe what you wanna believe, and so I agree all this is pointless. There will be points in time when one side will claim partial vicotry over the other. For me its simply a matter of faith at that point, the bigger picture and try and make sense out of it. SOmewhat like if you go really close to a huge painting one loses perspective adn it can get confusing...and so sometimes its better to stand back and look at the whole picture and see what makes sense the most. To me its crystal clear. For me, the most clear proof fo existence of God is in the Quran! How on earth can you possibly explain the descriptions of the development of an human baby in such minute detail in those days?? Hell! highly qualified doctors had no choice but to admit to existence of some sort of devine intervention!!!! Have you ever read about the various scientific issues discussed in the Quran? The mathematical symmetry of that Book is astonishing! How can you reject the proof that is right in front of you? God is an invention?! Give me a break!

And some people actually claim if there is a God He is evil coz look at all the injustice in the world. SO did you expect it to be a perfect utopia?!?! News Flash! If you are a Muslim you would know this world is a test for all, every one of us tested in their own ways, every one with their own demons to fight! It was from day1 and it will be so till the day of Judgement!! Hell! the "day of judgement" should ring some bells! you only have a day of Judgement if you have something to be judged for! and you are only judged when your actions are put to test!!!!! But hey there is a utopia after all! its called Heaven for us Muslims! And when I say Muslims, I am not trying ot be exclusive...Muslim is anyone who submits to God and obeys His commandments to the best of their abilities. God is the judge and no one else!

No more from me on this topic.

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